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Response Object

When a push notification has been sent, if no exceptions have been thrown at the point of the push, you will receive a Response object back.

The response natively comes back in Xml, but the response object converts this and provides methods so you can easily obtain the information you want.

Method Description
isSuccess() This identifies whether the request has been successful or not
isError() This identifies whether an error has occurred
toArray() This returns the response as an array
toJson() This returns the response as a json object
getResponse() Get the original Http Response
getContents() Get the original Xml Response
getFormattedXml() Get the formatted Xml
getStatusCode() Get the status code returned from the API
getRemaining() Get the remaining number of calls you can make before it resets
getResetDate($carbon = true) Get the reset date (returned as Carbon object unless set to false
getErrorCode() Get the error code returned from the API
getErrorMessage() Get the error message returned from the API
getRetrieveApiKey()* Get the retrieved api key
getToken()* Get the retrieved token

If you call a method but there is no information to return it will provide you a null response.

You will only retrieve information to the starred methods if you have called an appropriate method on the api.

Error information will only be available if an error occurred on the API. You would be advised to do an if check to play safe;

if ($response->isSuccess()) {
// do something
} else {
// do something else if failed