LaraCommander Dashboard

Now that you've set up your dashboard, here is a brief guide on how LaraCommander Dashboard works.



When you first load the dashboard you will see all of the commands you have allowed to be seen (as specified in the config). The commands will be listed alphabetically, it will also show you the number of arguments and options available for each command.

To run the command you simply press the button to the right of the listing which say 'Run {command}'. If the command doesn't require any arguments or options, a confirmation will present itself asking for confirmation.


If the command has one or more arguments or options you'll be taken to an input screen, where you will be able to enter the relevant information for that command.

Arguments and Options

Simply fill in the information necessary to run the command and click 'Run Command'. LaraCommander comes with validation so if something is required, you won't be able to run the command without providing the required information.

When the command has been run, either by providing details on the input screen or by pushing the run button on a command which doesn't have arguments and options, a response alert box will be made available detailing any output which you would normally see on the command line.