Simon Rogers, Software Engineer

Driven to deliver strong and reliable software.

I am a creative, logical, motivated Senior Software Engineer/Programmer, who is passionate about continuing to learn new things.

I am a strong Object Oriented C# and PHP developer using various design patterns and the single responsibility principle. I have used Laravel and Dotnet Core in my day-to-day work. I have built powerful websites, from eCommerce to APIs. I code in a way which allows for scalability as more often than not a website or application will scale up. I am keen on testing applications as it makes future refactoring much simpler. Other than C# and PHP, from a front-end point of view, I've used various JS frameworks, with VueJs being the main one. I am a big fan of typescript.

More about me

Over 15 years experience

Like many developers, I am self-taught. Developing and honing my skills since that time, I've had a number of jobs before starting a life in Commercial Development and Engineering. Having had jobs outside the tech arena has helped me to understand systems from the end users' point of view.

Coding with Passion

They say you're very lucky in life if you get to do something you love. For me, coding is a passion. I am passionate about continued development and self-learning. This keeps my enthusiasm alive and kicking. Striving to be the best me I can be is something I never give up on.

More than coding

There is more to me than just coding. Over my years working, I've developed a robust set of softer skills, such as client communication, self-responsibility, team leadership and problem-solving. I like to engage with people to get not just the best outcome but one that everyone buys into.